The driving lessons are 50 minutes each. We recommend that students take double periods when approaching the exam date (2 x 50 minutes with a 10-minute break).

The double periods allow deeper learning, extra practice on weak points (certain maneuvers, driving on highways, etc…) and an extension of driving routes.

Start with a driving instructor

Driving with Experienced Drivers:

We advise you to start your driving training with a driving instructor, in order to gain a solid foundation and build good habits from the beginning.

It is an experienced driver (family or friend) who will probably help the student driver to accumulate practice hours and help pass on driving know-how. It’s important to always bear in mind that the main objective of a good driving guide is, above all, safety.

The Student Driver should drive as often as possible and vary the routes and conditions. If possible, it is better to get behind the wheel several times a week for shorter drives, rather than fewer times a week for longer drives.

Three tips for Driving Guides:

  1. When there are road signs, give directions by name (ex: Geneva, Vallorbe…) rather than “right, left…). During the driving exam, most students find it difficult to follow road signs.
  2. Vary the routes.
  3. Stay calm and tolerant when the learner commits errors. The driving session should be an oasis of peace and serenity in order for the driving advice to be beneficial.

To register for a driving lesson, contact us at: 021 633 72 30.