A driving license (permis B) is intended anyone over 18 years of age who wishes to drive a car or a trike with a total weight not exceeding 3500 kg and whose seating capacity, excluding the driver, doesn’t exceed 8.

6 steps are required to fully validate your driver’s license:


Pick up your application for a student driver’s license in our office. We will help you to fill it out correctly.  You can also download it HERE  and print your application for a Student Driver’s License.


Complete your first aid course. This 10-hours course is done on our premises by our partner Firstmed every Friday and Saturday.  Be sure to register now !


The next step is the theory, either at our school or at home.

Student driver’s licence

Upon passing your theoretical exam, you will receive a Class B student driver’s license. Valid for 2 years, this license allows you to perfect your driving skills with your driving instructor of West Lausanne.



Once you’ve passed the theory exam, you must complete the Sensibilisation courses.


At the same time, you can start driving lessons with your qualified instructor in Renens. Don’t forget that good training is a guarantee of safety and success (See EPS Guidelines for Driving Students).


Finally, you reach the finish line: the driving test. In agreement with your driving instructor, a date is set for the exam. It is strongly advised to take the exam once you have both agreed that you have a satisfactory level to succeed on your first attempt.

How does one pass the exam?

The examination takes 60 minutes. 3 main topics are covered:

  • Preparation and technical inspection of the vehicle
  • Traffic Behaviour
  • Maneuvers

For more information, be sure to check out the Canton of Vaud’s website.