The basic motorcycle courses have a maximum of 5 students per instructor.

The 8 compulsory hours for the A1 license and the 12 hours for the A 35kw and A unlimited licenses are divided up into 4-hour blocks. The transition from the A1 license to the A license includes a 2-hour block followed by a 4-hour block.

Group classes provide the student with the benefit of hearing advice and remarks not only from the teacher but also from other students.  Group classes also provide a good opportunity to build group dynamics, with a positive atmosphere, which can be enriching for all students.

Preparation for the motorcycle exam is highly recommended.  Many failures (especially for the practical driving test) could be avoided with a minimum of preparation with a teacher.

We propose 2 x 50-min lessons under examination conditions.

Arriving at the exam:

Quite often, candidates for the motorcycle license are rejected upon arrival for the examination, solely because of the poor condition of their motorcycle or their equipment. Be careful: a biker’s equipment is his/her only protection!