Road traffic presents many obstacles and dangers. One needs to be alert in order to best react in different situations. Knowing traffic theory and the environment in which you drive is the first step in assuring safety. The aim of this course is to sensitize drivers to road traffic issues. It is compulsory for anyone applying for a driving license. This 8-hour awareness-raising course covers road safety.

Please note that you must present your student driver’s license at each course.

What are the main topics covered during the course?

  • Visual Awareness in Traffic: Functions of sensory organs and visual techniques in traffic
  • Traffic and the environment: Environmental perceptions (other drivers, roads and routes, influences on driving conditions) at the wheel
  • Traffic dynamics: Know your vehicle in order to adapt while driving
  • Traffic Tactics: What are our responsibilities when behind the wheel

We offer the Sensibilisation Course each month at our driving school in Renens. They are given over 4 days (2 hours per day).