Anyone wishing to work professionally in transport (« TPP ») with category B or C motor vehicles, subclass B1 or C1 or the special category F, must first acquire a special authorization. (Art. 25 OAC).

What are the requirements for obtaining your professional driving license (code 121) ?

  1. Successfully pass the additional theoretical examination, demonstrating that you are aware of working and rest time for professional drivers of light-duty vehicles, used for transporting passengers;
  2. Successfully pass the additional practical examination by demonstrating that you are able to transport people in a category B motor vehicle without endangering them, even in difficult traffic situations.
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Our driving school in Renens will prepare you for your complementary theory (OTR 2). We can provide you with the didactic material necessary for the success of your theoretical examination.
Once you complete your complementary theory (OTR 2), we offer driving lessons in order to prepare you for success in your practical exam.
Contact us at 076 640 43 76

Nota Bene : In order to obtain authorization for the professional transport of people, you must have been in possession of a B driving licence for at least 1 year and have a flawless record for at least one year (no infractions having caused or potentially leading to a suspension of your driving license).